Superpowers and reverting to my teenage self

So, I’m starting to notice the effects of pregnancy and, now I’m out of the riskier first part, I must say I’m bemused.  All sorts of things are happening, not least my amazing sense of smell. Which is pretty tricky when I work in an environment where there is a constant fug of Lynx and, a newer addition, Victoria’s Secret body spray (which is foul. Think cheap watermelon flavoured alcohol and you’re pretty much there. What happened to Impulse?)

I first noticed the smell thing soon after realising I was pregnant; we’d gone to a curry house for Benn’s birthday. It wasn’t the food that drove me mad, but a small vase of daffodils. Now, daffodils have very little in the way of smell compared to, say, lillies. But this vase of early daffs (this was the end of February), drove me up the wall. I couldn’t finish my food, because I felt sick. Weird.

I then had a respite with two nasty colds- I wasn’t allowed to take anything to ease the irritation. But now I’m back to full smelling form and everything smells. The cat smells of outside. Paper smells. My handbag has an odd smell of leather, mints and lipstick. If I meet you, the first thing I’ll notice is how you smell. Weirdly though, my nose bungs up overnight. So I go from the sublime to the ridiculous in the space of about fifteen minutes after I go to bed.

I’ve decided to harness this by ordering some aromatherapy oils and mixing smells I like. I used to be quite into aromatherapy as a teenager and so I think I can pick it back up again quite easily. As I’ve been craving citrus fruits (particularly grapefruit. But not actual grapefruit, silly. That would be WEIRD. But grapefruit squash and yoghurt), I have ordered a load of zingy smells. I may as well smell stuff I can tolerate.

File:Citrus paradisi (Grapefruit, pink) white bg.jpg

There are other things  going on as well. The books don’t tell you that you pretty much revert to being a teenager all over again. Mood swings? Check. Smelly feet? Oh, god yes. Not helped by my extra sensitive nose. Seriously, I’m paranoid. Take out shares in Odor Eaters, people. Dandruff? Yup. I’m currently tackling this with a coconut oil hair mask and ginger shampoo- I’ll write about the results in a future blog post.

It’s seriously like the last fifteen years haven’t happened, although at least I’m not arguing with my mother, slamming doors or fancying Ronan Keating. Some things are just beyond the pale. I like to think my dress sense has evolved a bit too.

I often joke at work that I wouldn’t be a teenager again if you paid me. Huh. Joke’s on me.

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