It’s not that I’m anti-summer, but…

… well, this is the time of year I start dreaming of cold, crisp nights and lovely evenings in lit by the warm glow of a gently scented candle. Why, I hear you ask, what on earth could tempt me to wish my life away when there are sunny days, barbecues and flowers in the garden? Why would I swap the balmy days of summer for days of living in jumpers? Because I’m planning my winter knitting.


There are a couple of reasons for this:

1) This is Britain we’re talking about. The summer weather here is bloody awful- it’s pretty much a given.

2) I’m a freckly red-head. These Celtic genes don’t sit well with the sun and I really hate suncream, especially on my face. I spend any warm days we have either indoors or covered in fabric, wearing a hat that would make Van Gogh look jaunty.

3) I’m a knitter. Summer is not the time of my people.

Number 3 is the main reason my mind turns to autumn and winter every year. It also doesn’t help that I felt cheated last winter, when we got very little snow or sub-zero temperatures. I got very little wear out of my handknits. So now, naturally (!) my mind turns to what I’ll be wearing when the cold weather hits. I’ve actually already bought my new winter boots (don’t judge- you can get total bargains in June; I got a pair of Rocket Dogs for £35 off!) and I’ll be off work when it all goes hopefully icy.

So, my wishlist of patterns this year, which will probably all be knitted in grey yarn, as I have a surplus of the stuff, is as follows*:

Woolly Wormhead’s Scala– since watching the terrible Liam Neeson film ‘Unknown’ a couple of weeks ago, I became obsessed with Diane Kruger’s hat. I decided that this will be a very good addition to my collection of grey hand-knitted hats. (I would also totally make a scarf like that to go with it too…)

Lace Legs legwarmers– Legwarmers have come on a long way since the 80s monstrosities worn by fitness instructors way back when. These will be brilliant with boots, or just for added warmth while schlepping round the house. I also like to think I’m one of those cute, quirky girls who could wear these with a pair of brightly coloured tights and look cool. I’m not really one of those girls. Guess what? These will also be a calm, winterly grey.

Cookie A socks– I’ve had a couple of books of Cookie A’s for a couple of years and I’ve decided that this summer is the time to tackle some of her brilliant designs. I’ve managed a dead simple pattern a couple of years ago, but not had the the  guts to try something else. I know that, come the end of October, I won’t have as much time to knit, so now is the time to have a go. These socks will be in, *gasp*, orange. I’ll decide which pattern to do when I have time to actually think.

*Disclaimer- I get really distracted, so these patterns may not get knitted in their entirety before 2017.

6 thoughts on “It’s not that I’m anti-summer, but…

  1. Jessica Baker says:

    Have you thought about branching out into very fine wool. I’m crotcheting a lace cardigan with 3 ply wool. Takes a bit longer, but they are as light as you would buy a jumper in the shops.

    • stephaniepomfrett says:

      I have found in the past that I have no patience for fine knitting; by the end I just want to poke myself in the eye with my needle and strangle my other half with the wool! But your cardi sounds lovely! What colour/pattern are you making?

      • Jessica Baker says:

        One of Kristen Omdahl’s jumpers in a mid deminy (hand dyed) blue. It is a lace one, so it needs blocking and currently looks like it would fit an elf…. I am very slow at knitting now, used to be able to knit a jumper in a week, but never find the time. I am also knitting an orange all in one jumper for my daughter. Again stalled on the neck band… Must do better.

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