Online and Magazine Work

Print and Online work:

The Washington Post: Killing Eve strayed from the book it’s based on. It was a smart move. (05.03.2019) A piece looking at how the adaptation of the Codename Villanelle books challenges the gender representation of the spy genre.

Online work:

Random Bits and Pieces

Feted Magazine- These Are a Few 0f My Favourite Things– a piece about some of my favourite stuff around the house.

Guest Blogs- Baby stuff

Mumsnet- One Child Families (28.03.13)- A guest post for Mumsnet about why we’ve made the decision to be a one-child family.

Keep Me Inspired- Pregnancy Pampering (27.09.12)- I suggest ways to keep pregnant women feeling normal and pampered in one of the weirdest phases of their lives.


The Bookseller- Getting Graphic (20.10.11)- a piece arguing that schools should embrace graphic novels as a teaching tool.

The Bookseller- Boys to Men (11.05.09)- an educational piece looking about how we can encourage boys to read more.


Bad Reputation- Craft is a Feminist Issue (28.09.11)- my journey through feminism via the medium of crafting!

Fat Quarter- Trick or Treat (30.10.10)- a review of Lily Vanilli’s ‘Zombies Ate My Cupcakes’ baking book.

Fat Quarter- Smart as Paint (11.06.09)- An interview with illustrator Emma McCann.


Culture 24- Pre-Raphaelite Pioneer: Ford Madox Brown exhibition in Manchester  (31.08.11)- A preview of the biggest exhibition of Brown’s work since the early 20th Century.

Fat Quarter- Who’s a Clever Girl? (11.05.10)- A review of the Cabinet of Curiosity play ‘Five Clever Courtesans’.

Magazine work (click pictures for PDFs):

  • Leeds Guide (2004-2006)- work experience
  • Knitting Magazine (May-December 2007)- monthly ‘Needles at Dawn’ column
  • Herstoria Magazine (Winter 2009)- ‘At once the boldest and most unmanageable revolutionaries’: Women in the Irish War of Independence
  • Fat Quarter (February 2010)- ‘Drawing Attention: Women in Graphic Novels’
  • Fat Quarter (Summer 2010)- ‘Helen’ (book review)
  • Fat Quarter (Winter 2011)- ‘Boxing Clever’