Beauty Obsession: Products I’ve hated…

So, usually I blog about stuff I like; I enjoy writing about makeup etc because it’s fun and gives me a legitimate excuse to buy more stuff. However, occasionally, I come across something I really, really dislike or find disappointing. I thought I would share some products here that I wasn’t mad keen on… It can be really useful when researching to find balancing opinions, right? And so, in no particular order…

Boots No.7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser (£12 for 50ml)

I have this in ‘Fair’ and I do use it- mainly when I can’t find my usual foundation. I hate using it as a tinted moisturiser, as the texture is really sticky and, weirdly, I find it claustrophobic! It can also be a bit streaky if put on in a rush. I’m not sure it really does anything to enhance my ‘glow’- I’m so paranoid I’ve put too much of it on that I’m constantly worrying! If I use it over moisturiser, I’m always worried that I’ve put too much on, although this could be because I use a powder foundation, so I’m not used to the texture. The colour is generally fine though, although I would recommend using this very sparingly. It does have an SPF, which works in its favour, but nowhere near enough for it to be a redeeming feature!

Body Shop Beautifying Oil in Pink Grapefruit (£9 for 100ml)

I bought this when early in pregnancy the only smells I could tolerate were citrus-based. It was on offer and much hyped. “Aha!” I thought, “I can both ward off stretch marks and indulge my love of grapefruit based products! Marvellous.” Except, it wasn’t. I smelt like a posh bathroom cleaning product. And there is no way on earth I would whack this in my hair or on my face as recommended. To be honest, for the same effect on the skin, baby oil would be just as effective and a fraction of the price. More fool me for falling for marketing yet again…

Click for enlarged view

Soap and Glory Feel Good Factor SPF 25 Facial Moisture Lotion (£12 for 50ml)

I want to like Soap and Glory, I really do- but every time I buy something from their range, I’m disappointed. I bought this moisturiser a while back, when anticipating a glorious summer. But, alas, neither the summer nor this moisturiser lived up to their promises. I like the smell and the packaging a lot. It’s so cute and perfect to slip in my bag for after swimming. I just hate greasy suncream feeling I get on my skin when wearing it. I may as well just stick some bog standard suncream on my face and be done with it. I hate having to wear sun protection as it is (although being blessed with pure Celtic skin, it’s an inevitability that I need it!), but I hate even more being reminded of the fact I’m wearing it. It sort of just sat on my skin. I’ll probably use it up in the winter, when I don’t need something so strong SPF-wise, but it’s not my favourite. Instead, I bought some of this which is higher in protection AND feels just like a regular moisturiser!


Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (£7.99)

I admit- when I first used this, I was charmed. I said how good it was on Twitter and was really pleased with what I saw. However, after a couple of uses, this becomes a faff. I found that I needed to buy a spare brush, because the one that came with it needed washing frequently (no bad thing, but when eyeliner is an everyday thing, waiting for the brush to dry is annoying!) I also found that the texture of the eyeliner got a bit manky after a while. Ah, so much promise, so much ultimate frustration. Saying that, in my opinion, Maybelline do make the best eyeliner out- it’s just not this one.

Simple Eye Make-up Corrector Pen (£4.99)

This is just rubbish. The nib is scratchy and it’s basically an expensive cotton bud with eye makeup remover on it. You have to clean it after every use and it’s expensive. It’s also really difficult to get any stray bits of eyeliner touched up without dragging skin. I think I’ll stick to the old fashioned way of a bit of cotton wool and remover. Ah well.


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