The Happiness Project #2: The book you would give to everyone


Read about the idea behind the Happiness Project here.

Books are massively important to me- so important that I have a separate blog for them! But they were hugely important for me when I was depressed; by slipping into a book when I couldn’t function well in the outside world, I was able to escape- no matter how briefly- from my reality.

I read lots and many just passed me by. But some stayed with me, and they’re the ones I want to think about today: if I could give everyone I met today one book, which would it be? Probably To Kill a Mockingbird or The Book Thief. Both are about young girls learning to cope in society and both ultimately have hope as their core message (The Book Thief is the only book to make me cry more than once, too.) They are books that reminded me that not everything in the world is bleak.

Which book(s) would you give away? Why? Let me know!

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