Sunday Tea: Interview with Krisi Smith, founder of Bluebird Tea Co.


Mike and Krisi outside their Brighton store Image: Bluebird Tea Co.

I’m really proud to say that I’ve worked with Bluebird Tea Co. for a few years now and it’s be been brilliant watching the business grow from a market stall (which, bravely, they once let me man!) to three stores in Brighton, Tunbridge Wells and Bristol. I talk to Krisi over a Spiced Pumpkin Pie latte (what else?!) about a whirlwind year-including a new book, the future of Bluebird and the challenges of preparing for Christmas sales. Keep reading for a giveaway too!

Some autumnal tea treats from @bluebirdteaco - treated myself in town today. Might get @krisismithteamixologist to sign this book when I see her next ūüėČ Also @klinakloen taught me the importance of a good stroopwaffle with tea- these are from Tiger. #autumn #pumpkinspice #tea #amreading #treatyoself #stroopwafel:

Can you tell me about the book- how it came about, what the initial plan was and what the process of writing it was like?

Bluebird has led me to so many exciting opportunities; I’ve always wanted to write, but I always thought I’d write fiction! The publishers, Octopus, approached me and asked me if I’d like to write a book about tea; they publish a series of ‘atlas’ books about different things- such as wine and coffee- and wanted an expert to write a book about tea. Of course I said yes! I was concerned that I might have some gaps in my knowledge- we don’t deal in single estate teas, for example, but Mike (Krisi’s husband and Bluebird Tea Co.’s co-founder) said that I would have to factor in plenty of time for research, which I did. I also really wanted to get something really creative in the book, such as the mixology section. I wanted to really show how important tea is around the world- it’s drunk in almost every country in the world, but in very different ways: but always socially. I wanted to write in a more lighthearted tone than some of the other books in the series. The publishers were ¬†supportive of my ideas and really good to work with throughout the process. It’s been two years in the making and I’m really happy with the final product.

You recently went to the T2 Chai Championships in Sydney. What was that like?

It was awesome- another opportunity that landed in my lap. It’s amazing how much stuff has come my way; I have to pinch myself sometimes. It was a competition to find the best chai, a way to publicise the new T2 store in Regent’s Street. I didn’t realise until a week before that it was all done live! On the day, we were given a box of stuff and 40 minutes to create a tea, as well as to create a show. I know the boys at Mixology Group in Brighton who mix cocktails and so they’d given me some lessons on how to perform for the crowd, as it’s something I’m just not used to doing. The whole thing was really different to how we usually create our teas! I won the London heat, which I never in a million years thought I’d win- there was some pretty stiff competition- and then went on to Sydney. (You can buy Krisi’s winning blend- Lapsang Chai– as part of the current range of autumn teas.)

Bluebird works with a lot of bloggers- how does that work?

When we moved here, I put together a list of the local bloggers and sent out an email letting people know that we were going to be a Brighton-based brand and asking whether could we send out some tea (which is pretty much how we do it now). No one turns down free tea! We work with different types of bloggers; we try and work with lots of people, with different sizes of online presence. Even if a blogger sends a smaller group of people to us, they might be more passionate about tea. There’s a place for all types of blogger and we’re not snobby about who we work with. We want to be inclusive of anyone who wants to get involved.

What do you think are the big trends coming through in tea- for example, using it in recipes has been massive on Bake Off this year?

I would consider that we’ve been the leader when it comes to iced teas and the tea lattes market, but the baking has become a big thing. It’s lifestyle baking, people want to produce recipes that are photo-worthy or content-worthy and getting something a bit special in there. Tea’s become fashionable for that. Matcha’s been fashionable for the last couple of years and is still going strong: matcha in baking, matcha smoothies, matcha chocolate. Also, it’s not really hit down in Brighton yet, but in London there’s a trend for ‘healthy’ cocktails using teas instead of sugary juices or cordials. Pumpkin’s going crazy, too. This has led us to think about making our teas more vegan friendly- there are sprinkles in the Spiced Pumpkin Pie that are not vegan. Most of our teas are vegan-friendly, we have a vegan section on our website and we have vegan customers and staff members and we’re seeing what we can do to improve this. I’ve spent all year trying to find vegan marshmallows for example! We want to be accessible to everyone and trying to balance that is a challenge that we’re working on. I do want to listen to feedback and provide what our customers want.

What can we expect in the next few months- can we have a sneaky preview of the Christmas range?

Alternative Advent Calendar:

Not going to lie, I really want one of these. Image: Bluebird Tea Co.

We’ve found that people are asking for Christmas products earlier, especially since we’ve become bigger- people are excited and they want to get prepared. So this year we’ve launched some of our Christmas products a bit earlier than before. We’ve been planning Christmas since June! We have some lovely products, like the advent calendar, which we’re really proud of. It was a big investment and a big risk, as it’s not a cheap product to put together. We launched it a week ago and they’re flying out already. We’re still planning a big official launch in November, but we wanted to let those people who wanted to be organised and to let those who were just perusing have a look at what we have. It’ll be our first Christmas in our Bristol and Tunbridge Wells stores. We’re going into Christmas this year with a really solid team.

What’s next for Bluebird?

We’re sort of at the limits now as to where we can be as an organic company. We’re at a nice size for what we are, but we may look at crowdfunding an equity sale of a very small amount of shares in the business in order to grow what we do. I think we have a great concept and I’d love for us to be on more high streets, to employ so many more people, to create so many more experiences and to meet so many more cool people along the way. We’ve proven it works and we have a great team. I’m really interested in exploring ¬†a way to do this and crowdfunding fits with our ethos. We have loads of people getting in touch asking if we can open on their high street and this would be a way to do it. I’ve always been the one to say ‘We can do this’, but I’m cautious about this, how will it change the way we are now? I don’t want to be a big chain, so it’s all about the way we do it. It’s exciting.

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Mollie Makes Christmas- review (and win your own copy!)

I love Christmas. Although I’m not one to approve of Christmas music before December 1st, I do like preparing for the festive season and thinking about how I can incorporate my craftiness in my preparations. This year, I’m knitting simple scarves and picking up my crochet hook for the first time in ages in order to make some amigurumi for a friend’s daughters. When I was offered the chance to take a look at Mollie Makes Christmas (¬£9.99), I was beside myself with excitement.


There are a range of crafts in the book, so there should be something to suit everyone; I was, of course, particularly taken with the knitting and crochet projects, but have been tempted by some of the papercraft projects.


I would say that there are loads of ideas for the casual crafter, as well as projects suitable for all levels of skill. I’m desperate to get my mitts (ha!) on a pair of the Fair Isle fingerless mitts that appear at the end of the book, especially as colourwork has been on my to-do list for a while.


The instructions are really clear and there are enough projects to get you through a few Christmas gifts, decorations and crafts over the next few years. If you’re after a general crafting compendium, this could be your one!

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Twining’s Christmas Teas (and a lovely giveaway!)

Now Bonfire Night is over, I feel that I can finally legitimately tell you about three festive teas that I’ve been dying to share with you for a few weeks! I give you Twinings’ Christmas Teas collection!

Image: Twinings

Image: Twinings

Firstly, how gorgeous are these caddies? They look SO pretty on my very overcrowded worktop (heh, you wondered why I didn’t take my own photo, right?!) I also really like that the labels peel off, so once you’ve finished your tea you can refill the caddies with a tea of your choice.

The collection comprises of three varieties- two with a black tea base and one rooibos base.

Christmas Thanks-¬†This is ¬†blend of black teas that’s complemented by a fruity Christmas cake flavouring. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, and will definitely be offered to guests as they step in from a frosty walk! I would say that this is perfect for people who prefer the fruitier side of Christmas (oo-er!)

Christmas Wishes-¬†This is the rooibos based tea- it’s a blend of rooibos, chamomile and pear. I wasn’t sure if I would like this when I first read the description, as I’m not usually a chamomile fan, but it is lovely. I found it to be really refreshing and calming. The fruitiness of the pear balances out the chamomile and I can really imagine drinking this on Christmas Eve while listening to Carols at King’s on the radio, no light but from the Christmas tree.

Christmas Cheer-¬†This is my favourite and, in my opinion, the most Christmassy! Whereas Christmas Thanks is fruity, this tea is its spicier sister. I like it with a pinch of brown sugar, it tastes like a lovely rich mince pie… the real winner is the blend of the usual Christmas spices with a malty Assam base. Just. Gorgeous.

Do you fancy winning a set of Twinings’ Christmas teas and a lovely mug from the PiP Studio Collection¬†(my PiP Studio mug is my ultimate favourite mug!)? Simply leave me a way of contacting you if you win- and for an extra entry, follow me on Twitter (and tell me your Twitter handle in your comment!) The competition closes on November 20th at 6pm and is open to UK residents only.¬†

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