Beating tiredness one step at a time

I’m tired.

Like, really tired. It’s always stressful at work at this time of year, but I’ve never had a toddler in tow. At the moment, I’m counting down the minutes til Easter break. And that when I’m going to make some lifestyle tweaks to try and increase my energy.



I’m using birthday money to buy a food processor (how exciting! How GLAMOROUS!) and I’ve been religiously reading cookbooks, looking for interesting and healthy recipes, with an aim of increasing my veggie intake- and boosting my energy levels.

I bought the Wahaca cookbook recently and I’m looking forward to trying to cook some spicy, summery Mexican food. I already I have my eye on healthy hot chocolate and breakfast smoothies.

I borrowed Jack Monroe’s new book on a whim from the library and I love it- her style isn’t pretentious, the ingredients are sensible and the instructions are straightforward. I already made the spring veg risotto and it went down brilliantly with D especially (Benn would have liked meat, but that can be added another time.)

My friend Jeni bought me the Deliciously Ella cookbook and now all I want is the food processor, a spiraliser and my courgette seeds to grow so I can make courgetti with pesto! It’s not normally the sort of cookbook I’d think I’d like, but there are some really good ideas in here.


1607067_10152692223017267_7743578639046493132_nLook at my new running shoes! Aren’t they pretty? But also: STURDY. And you can see them from space, which is super important. I’ve been neglecting my running so I’m taking it pretty slowly at the moment, mainly because I can’t go much faster (despite the woman laughing and pointing at me yesterday. Which was classy of her.) However, physical activity is going to help me sleep better and, ergo, be less tired.


In theory, anyway.

Preparing to host Christmas for the first time EVER (no pressure then, eh?)

When we moved into this house, I knew it’d be a great place to celebrate Christmas.


So preparation started early- Benn and I have become those people who clear out Paperchase three days after Christmas- we got about £30 worth of wrapping paper, cards and accoutrements for about £10 two years ago. They’ve just run out, so we’ll be back this year I reckon.

I also knew I wanted a real Christmas tree (the agreement is that we have a real one for the years we’re at home for Christmas, the artificial one we bought from Woolworths yonks ago on the years we go to my parents’ house.) I decided to save £2 coins up over the year- by the time we went to buy our tree last week, I had £50 and didn’t even spend all of it.


Next, the meal. For the actual day itself, we will have Benn’s parents, my aunt and one of my oldest friends to lunch. At first, we were thinking about going out for lunch itself- but then I realised we could order a set menu type thing from Marks and Spencers for £100 to feed six- it has a turkey, all the trimmings, a chocolate cake Christmas tree and a cheese board. So I asked everybody for £20 (waaaaay cheaper than a pub menu) and to bring a small thing with them on the day- mince pies, crackers, etc. With the extra money I’ll have, I’m going to buy extra bits like a Christmas pudding and, on Benn’s dad’s request, a cheesecake (apparently it’s not Christmas without a cheesecake…)


For the day itself, I’ve dug out my Elf and Muppets Christmas Carol and I’ve asked around and borrowed some board games- although the consensus is we’ll avoid Monopoly. And Twister.

So other than all that, what else is left to do? Well, I’m wrapping presents in shifts because a) I’m not very good at it and b) I can’t do it for too long without getting bored. I’m debating not wrapping D’s main present (a wooden garage we got half price by buying it in October. #Thrifty.) Instead I’m thinking of setting it up and having it ready to play with on Christmas morning.

I have no idea what Ill feed people with on Christmas Eve and I haven’t thought about what people will drink. Endless tea? Who knows.

It’ll be fine, right? I mean, I’ve never cooked a full roast dinner, but eh, why not go adventurous on the biggest meal of the social calendar? I’m hoping those M&S fairies stretch to having everything ready to shove into the oven. Michel Roux Jr I am not.

Keep your fingers crossed it all works!