Sunday Tea: T2 Breakfast teas

Last weekend, T2 had a free shipping weekend and so I decided to order their Little Gems box- twenty tea bags that showcase T2’s best teas, across black, green and tisanes. The packaging was absolutely GORGEOUS and it’s a really good way of learning what T2 has to offer.

Dear @t2tea, your packaging is SO pretty! #tea #home #autumn:

Originally an Australian brand, they are now branching out across the UK and they genuinely have one of the most interesting ranges of tea out there; there is literally something for everyone. Anyway, I decided that as this blog series is called Sunday Tea, I’d focus on the breakfast teas. T2 has a staggeringly huge range of breakfast teas and there will be something you like, I promise. I’m just gutted that I can’t go into a shop and smell all of them.


New York Breakfast: I’ve never been to New York, but I’ve always fancied it, probably because I’ve spent hours watching stuff like Flight of the Conchords, a misguided Sex and the City era in my teens and Jerry Orbach in Law and Order. It’s loud and brash and I just love the whole idea of it, despite the fact that I am very much a homebody at heart. This New York Breakfast tea takes the idea of an ACTUAL NY breakfast (and, let’s be honest, the food is part of the attraction) of pancakes and turn it into a tea. The result is a robust black tea lightly-but deliciously- flavoured with vanilla and cinnamon. I am genuinely considering ditching my usual early morning Earl Grey for this as my everyday tea. It is really lovely and I will be buying some.


English Breakfast: Earl Grey is my default tea of choice if I’m drinking tea where there isn’t much, but I don’t mind the odd cup of English Breakfast tea (although people who know me do look at me funny if I ask for it over a flavoured tea. But sometimes you just gotta keep it simple, right?) The quality of English Breakfast can vary; it’s essentially a basic tea, often made of ‘tea dust’, the broken bits of tea leaves-most often Sri Lankan Ceylon tea, and so can be really cheap. Fair enough. This tea, however, is not a run-of-the-mill tea; this is The Good Stuff. The flavour is light without being cloying, a criticism I sometimes have of English Breakfast tea; it can be so claggy that you feel it stick to your teeth. This is not one of them. It’s a classy brew with a lighter flavour than you might expect, but it’s still full-bodied and robust enough for the first cup of the day.


Irish Breakfast: Something slightly odd- although I don’t usually drink unflavoured teas, I will always, always make an exception for Irish Breakfast. Not sure why- maybe it’s the 25% of Irishness I carry in my bones (not enough for citizenship, unfortunately, boo…) or maybe because it seems so much more of a punchy tea than its more delicate English counterpart, but I love it. In fact, it’s a perfect biscuit dunking tea, too; I particularly like it with stroopwafles/Dutch waffles from Tiger. It’s really good stuff, especially with a hangover/fry up etc. Anyway, T2’s Irish Breakfast tea is what it should be: strong, delicious and warming. Perfect for cold winter days and no-nonsense cups of tea.

t125ae023_melbourne-breakfast_r1 Melbourne Breakfast: I wasn’t quite sure what a ‘Melbourne’ tea would comprise of, seeing as I shamefully don’t know all that much about Australia (which means my Aussie friends have great fun making up deadly animals and outrageous facts to alarm me.) Actually, T2 has a range of Australian breakfast teas to represent different areas and their characteristics. This one is a sweet vanilla tea with rich undertones from the tea to balance it out- it’s not a tea that tastes of artificial sweetness at the expense of the tea itself. It’s a lovely blend, much lighter than the New York breakfast tea and quite a soothing one at that.

Let me know which of these teas you like/you’d like to try!


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