Sunday Tea: Shibui Tea Marzipan Truffle

83127461e74cff13f5e2c573f7e8094d.jpg (236×288):  Marzipan is one of my favourite flavours (alongside salted caramel)- I love the nuttiness and, as a kid, could quite happily eat half a block of marzipan in one sitting if you let me. Of course, if I get the opportunity to try it in any form, I will- enter Shibui’s Marzipan Truffle tea.

Marzipan Truffle Shibui Loose Leaf Tea: First off, this smells AMAZING. Like, super marzipan-y. It’s one of those teas that makes such an impact through scent that I think it would be a great gift, a real showstopper of a blend.

It’s full of flavour too- the base of  black Chinese tea is lifted by the almond and chocolate pieces, but without being too sweet. The almond is  the main flavouring; the chocolate is not hugely present, but more of a hint. The peppercorns are there mainly for decoration, as there’s no peppery punch to speak off. They do look pretty though!

This is a tea best enjoyed on a stormy evening with a good book. May I suggest a Bronte novel, perhaps?




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