Sunday Tea: Tugboat Brews Gingerbread Chai


‘The Tea’ by Mary Stevenson Cassatt (Museum of Fine Art, Boston)

Hello! Welcome to a new weekly (ish?) feature in which I review a tea in detail. This week, it’s Tugboat Brews’ Gingerbread Chai, a sweet rooibos from deepest, darkest Cornwall that my friend Emma brought when she stayed with us recently.


Image: Tugboat Brews

My love of a good chai is well documented on the pages of this blog and I’m pleased that we’re finally entering into what feels like it might be a proper autumn (it’d be nice if 2016 did SOMETHING right…) Tugboat Brews does seem to do a good selection of chais-there are three to choose from- and this one is their non-caffeinated offering.

It’s slightly different to other gingerbread chais I’ve tried; the base is a vanilla rooibos, which gives it a delicately sweet flavour that lingers even after the spice has gone. It’s actually pretty lovely, as some variations can be swamped by the rooibos flavour or a too-fiery gingerbread. This chai is mellow and a pretty perk me up for a mid-morning cuppa or a delicious before bed milky chai made the traditional way.

The spices in the tea are simple- ginger and cinnamon (my two favourite autumn flavours in THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, FYI) are just the right ratio to make this a comforting chai. Some chais should be gutsy, some should be warming and some should be… comforting. This is a chai in the latter category. Tugboat have labelled this in their ‘hug in a mug’ section and I agree. It’s lovely- and a perfect tea for those who are thinking of embracing hygge in the upcoming colder months.


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