#PaperHaul Featured: Dorkface

Hello! Welcome to another #PaperHaul review! Let’s start, shall we?

This month’s theme is HAIR.


I’m aware of Jemma of Dorkface’s work, as I frequently see it dotted about my Twitter timeline; I knew I’d be seeing something bright and fun when I delved into the box.


Aesthetically, it’s the complete opposite of last month’s more traditional box; this is illustration for the blogger generation. I like the brash, positive message and think that this box would be perfect for a teenage girl.

20160221_105522 This is this month’s card and the girl in the illustration reminds me of Amy Pond from Doctor Who. I like this card, but I do find it harder to give cards with faces on away… it can be tricky working out who to give/send them to. I still have the ginger afro man card from ages ago with no idea who will get that! It might just be me, though.

20160221_105550 Gift tags instead of stickers this month; the middle one looks like a young Tori Amos just took a selfie with her webcam…


20160221_105531 The mini-cards are full of attitude (they feel a bit like illustrated Instagram pictures! They’re very zeitgeist-y.)


The cover of this month’s notebook is fun- I like the contrast of Young Tori and the more androgynous character (who’s a bit Miley crossed with Annie Lennox, perhaps?)


Although the rest of the box isn’t really grabbing me (I’m not its target audience and I’m OK with that), I do LOVE this washi tape and think it’s perhaps my favourite washi of any box ever. I’d like to see more interesting patterns and ideas on the tapes and this is perfect.

Overall, I think that this box will be popular and almost makes me wish that I knew a teenage girl who would appreciate it- but it’s fun and bright, which is what stationery should be.

You can register for #PaperHaul here.

Disclaimer: I get my box at a discounted rate, but my reviews are honest and reflect my own opinions.



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