Knit for Winter campaign

Back before Christmas I was asked to take part in the Knit for Winter campaign, launched by Sunrise Senior Living, a group of care homes for older people (jokes aside that I’m a young-old-lady, it’s a great project to be involved with.)

The project is hoping to get knitters to make either blankets or bonnets for premature babies supported by the charity First Touch, which looks after preemie babies in St George’s Hospital. Babies born prematurely need extra help in the first stage of their lives and First Touch is there to help babies and parents at such a tough time.

I was asked what I’d like to make and I chose to make the bonnets. I was kindly sent some yarn and set to. As you can see, they’re SUPER bright, but I think they’re cheery!

IMG_20160207_201936(They remind me a bit of the hats I used to wear at festivals in my mis-spent youth..)

Anyway, the pattern took a bit of working out at the start, but nothing too strenuous. They were a quick knit and, had life not got in the way, I would have knit more. I knit the smallest three sizes and they took about an hour and a half- and would be good to use up any odds and ends you might have.

You can get the pattern here (scroll to the bottom).


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