#PaperHaul Featured: Becca M Designs

Q: Why is everyone super happy when the mushroom’s in the pub?

A: Because he’s a funghi!

(I currently have a three year old going through a ‘dad joke’ phase. I’m not apologising.)

Anyway, welcome to January’s #PaperHaul review! This month, the illustrations are courtesy of Becca M Designs and have more than a whiff of Beatrix Potter crossed with William Morris (with a side order of Arthur Rackham.) And, as my bad joke hints, there’s a few mushrooms around.


These are the cards. Now, I’m more of a fan of the creature illustrations in this box (and no, the mouse isn’t drunk, my photography was just rubbish), but these cards are pretty. I’ve recently been accepted as a ‘letter friend’ for the older people’s charity Silver Line, in which I’ll be writing letters to someone who may not have much contact with the outside world. These cards will be lovely for introducing myself in the early days.


Despite the fact that snails were the BANE OF MY LIFE last year in the garden, and that I’m not a huge fan of frogs (well, when they’ve been traipsed into my house via the cat, I’m not), I love these stickers. I would re-purchase these if I could. 20160128_124659

Sorry for the MASSIVE PICTURE of washi tape, but I wanted to be clear when I explained why I wasn’t a fan of this month’s tape selection. I’m a fan of the bolder, brighter tapes. This one feels very delicate and it’s quite hard to see the pattern. On the other hand, I reckon lots of people will love it for its delicacy and hint of faded lace charm; YMMV.


The piece de resistance of this month’s box, though, is the notebook. The illustrations on the cover-inside and out- are so intricate and wonderfully detailed. Instead of lines, the pages have spots on them; perfect for field notes out in the wild, or for sketching interesting flora.


20160128_124624 (1).jpg

I can say that, from initially not being sure what I thought of this box (other than ‘mushrooms?’), I’ve fallen in absolute love with it; the British flora and fauna will make my letters abroad pretty special.

You can register for #PaperHaul here.

Disclaimer: I get my box at a discounted rate, but my reviews are honest and reflect my own opinions.




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