What I’m listening to RIGHT NOW

As I’ve got older, I’ve found that my musical tastes have grown into a very broad spectrum (I could probably name you a song I like from most genres, except maybe prog rock and experimental jazz- I’ll leave those for Benn) and I always, always have an earworm on the go. The first song I hear most mornings, because it’s both my alarm and my ringtone, is Oliver’s Army by Elvis Costello.

This morning, this was replaced in my brain by Mellow Yellow by Donovan, which is the last song on the Minions soundtrack- I’ll let you guess why that might be. No matter that the film itself is a bit daft, the songs on it are pretty good (the action takes place in London in 1968, so it’s got some great Swinging Sixties classics.) I did drive myself quite mad with this one.

I started the weekend thinking-sadly- about music, as I watched Amy on Channel 4 on Friday night. I’d never seen it before, but I remember how profoundly sad I felt when she died; I’d always been rooting for her and it was just so tragic that she could never fulfill her potential. Although everyone always goes for the classics- Rehab, Back to Black- I’ll always have a soft spot for heartbroken but upbeat Tears Dry On Their Own.

I got a few albums for Christmas, which is unusual. My current favourite is Leon Bridge’s album Coming Home. It has a really old-school, Sam Cooke/gospel feel to it which I love. It’s replaced 1989 as my current most-played album.

Speaking of Taylor Swift, I also got Red for Christmas- so 22 is never far away from being hummed at some point in the day.

And, of course, a certain Mr Bowie is there, too. If my weekend started on a sad musical note, it ended on one too. It was slightly surreal to see the news start filter through on Twitter as I was starting to get ready for work. The denials, the hoping of a hoax and then the confirmation- it was a news story developing before my eyes. I didn’t grow up listening to Bowie, as my parents were never really into him; my interest came much later and his music was pretty much my main soundtrack during my pregnancy and afterwards (I have no idea why it was that moment that made his music important to me.) I remember being surprised at just how much of his stuff I knew without realising it. Anyway, it’s hard to choose one Bowie song, so I’ll choose the one that I played a lot when D was a baby- he always settled when it played (and he is a pretty thing, but he does drive me insane sometimes!)

What are you listening to right now?

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