Strictly Come Dancing: Week #13- The Final (Part 2)

We’re baaaack. After a quite frankly disappointingly conservative set of showdances (seriously, where was the Lycra? The high-wire stunts?) and slightly uninspiring judge’s choices, it was quite clear that unless there was a major shocker, Katie was going. Still, at least Anton got his ‘journey to the final’ narrative this series.

Jay and Aliona- Paso Doble (It’s My Life)


I’m not 100% sure why they’ve picked this- it’s nowhere near their highest scorer and I think that most people (myself included) would have preferred their jive to have been revisited and they did say that they wanted something they wanted to improve on.  This was definitely a brilliant paso and SO powerful. Throughout the series, Jay has made dancing look so effortless and stunning- those shapes he can make with his body are just mind-blowing. (Also, fun fact- my mum is not a Strictly viewer, but she’s sat through it with me tonight and has turned into a rabid Jay fan, which is quite fun.) CRAIG! WHY NO TEN?! Gah.

Scores: Craig-9 Darcey-10 Len-10 Bruno- 10 ORIGINAL SCORE: 33 TOTAL:39

Georgia and Giovanni- Charleston (Hot Honey Rag)


I loved this Charleston first time round- it was (is?) the highest scoring Charleston of the series and was when I think Georgia really started showing what she was capable of. Of all the dances tonight, this is the one that scored the highest on its original outing. Again, it was light, bouncy and fun- and was a brilliant dance for Georgia to end her Strictly experience on.

Scores: Craig-10 Darcey-10 Len-10 Bruno-10 ORIGINAL SCORE: 39 TOTAL: 40

Kellie and Kevin- Charleston (Star Wars Cantina Band)


Oh, very clever. Do your Star Wars themed dance the weekend a certain small, low budget movie opens. This surprised me when I first saw it; I remember not being certain that it would work, but it did. This was definitely sharper than before and just as much fun. (I still think that raucous Viennese Waltz is my favourite of Kellie and Kevin’s dances, or their beautiful Fred ‘n’ Ginger routine from last week.) OH CRAIG. AGAIN?

Scores: Craig-9 Darcey-10 Len-10 Bruno-10 ORIGINAL SCORE: 32 TOTAL:40

I’d be quite happy with whoever wins, tbh.

And the winner of Strictly 2015 is….. JAY! (I definitely said he was a dark horse from the start.) I am so pleased, but also sad for the other two, who I liked equally well. It also shows, too, how the judges and the voting public can veer wildly from each other.


So we’re done. After spending HOURS writing up this blog- roughly about 15,000 words worth of typing- and being a general smartarse on social media, I can’t quite believe it! I’m not sure if I’ll do it again next year, but it’s been a lot of fun.

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