Strictly Come Dancing: Week #13- The Final (Part 1)

We’re here at last. 130 dances have led to this. We’ve lived through the scandals- Ola biting the hand that feeds, Jamelia claiming that the whole shebang is a fix and the surprise of Anton actually making a final (although whether that is deserved, I leave up to you. I wasn’t THRILLED that Anita left last week, as I think she was the more consistent and technically better of the bottom two.) So, three dances this week…  Without further ado, let’s get cracking!


Jay and Aliona- Quickstep (My Generation)


The judges went for his lowest scoring dance as a challenge, so you’d hope that Jay has improved so much since dancing this in week 4. This was a huge improvement, despite some mistakes- but it’s expected that the judges will pick it up at this stage. It’s a complex routine and the judge seemed to love it. What a good opener!

Scores: Craig-9 Darcey- 9 Len-9 Bruno-9 Original Score: 25 TOTAL: 36

Georgia and Giovanni- Rumba (Writing’s On The Wall)


“Do everything you did last time but do a bit more.” Yeah, thanks Len.

Also- a rumba.


I guess it makes sense as a Bond-themed dance- and Georgia looks the part of a Bond girl, but I will never, ever get my head around rumba. Sorrynotsorry. As they go, it was fine, I guess.

Scores: Craig- 9 Darcey- 9 Len- 9 Bruno- 9 Original score: 27 TOTAL: 36

Kellie and Kevin- Tango (You Really Got Me)


Ooh, picking Kellie’s very first dance is interesting (although I mourn for not seeing the Viennese Waltz again!) I’d forgotten how faffy this was at the beginning, but it was definitely a sharper performance than last time- although it would be weird if it wasn’t right? First full house of the night, too

Scores: Craig-10 Darcey-10  Len-10 Bruno-10 Original score: 27 TOTAL: 40

Katie and Anton- Quickstep (42nd Street)


This is actually a very kind choice for Anton- his Latin choreography hasnt been up to scratch and we know that he’s good at this stuff. However, this wasn’t brilliant for a final and it’s a shame. As ever, though, Katie’s frame was lovely- just a shame about her feet!

Scores: Craig-7 Darcey-8 Len-8 Bruno-8 Original score: 26 TOTAL:31

Jay and Aliona- Showdance (Can’t Feel My Face)


I reckon a lot of people had high expectations about this dance; Jay has had excellent musical timing throughout and if anyone can manage an exciting showdance, it’s these two. I was especially looking forward to seeing bits of all the other dances. Overall, it was a very cool and sophisticated-looking dance- amazing and it looked effortless. I do think the judges were a bit harsh, though.

Scores: Craig-8 Darcey-9 Len-9 Bruno- 9 TOTAL:35

Georgia and Giovanni- Showdance (Fix You)


I like showdances to be huge and exciting. These are not two words one would use for any of Chris Martin’s musical oeuvre. NO-ONE wants a slow showdance, right? These two are SO CUTE though, that I’m willing to overlook most things. The opening was interesting, the idea of Giovanni leading Georgia blindfolded was new and made the song make sense- although the ballroom-y bits were a bit meh.

Scores: Craig-9 Darcey-9 Len-9 Bruno-9 TOTAL:36

Kellie and Kevin- Showdance (Ding-Dong Daddy of the D-Car Line)


I was really hoping that, this week, wardrobe would be kind to Kellie. (The answer seems to be yes- we all know how much I love a bit o’fringe.) Now, I love a lindy hop, but I’m not sure it constitutes a ‘showdance’- especially in a year dominated by Charlestons and Jives. However, this was a great lindy and fun to watch.

Scores: Craig- 10 Darcey-10 Len-10 Bruno- 10 TOTAL: 40

Katie and Anton- Showdance (O Fortuna)


‘Anton’ and ‘showdance’ are not two words I would have put together at the start of this process (and, some would argue, words that shouldn’t be together in the final.) This was big, bold and brash- and slightly brilliant, despite some literal missteps from Katie. That drop was I also loved her dress! However, it was quite a tricky dance for Katie.

Scores: Craig-7 Darcey-8 Len-8 Bruno-8 TOTAL:31

So at half-time, KELLIE is at the top of the leaderboard with full marks and KATIE is at the bottom with 62 marks. I’m going for a cup of tea and to scavenge some After Eights. I am predicting that Katie will be going at 9 (but then, I’ve been predicting she’ll go for WEEKS, so what do I know?)





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