Strictly Come Dancing: Week #10

Well, this week was sure to be a bit of a cracker, wasn’t it? After all, we’ve spent the last few days living through #Jameliagate and Ola claiming everything’s a fix- it’s certainly been stormy. As we get towards the end, it gets more exciting, right? There’s nowhere I’d rather be than on the sofa, being a smartarse on Twitter about people who are always going to be way better at dancing than me.

Alas, I was at a cricket club dinner with Benn last night (we NEVER go out twice in a month, so I’m not quite sure what happened there) which ended with me getting into a debate about the merits of Margaret Thatcher. I’m pleased to say that I stayed calm. It’s safe to say that I did miss Strictly. So, without further ado, let’s get going…

Kellie and Kevin- Salsa (I Want You Back)


Aw, I love this song- it’s cute and fun, which kind of sums these two up in my mind. In the same way I could never find a Kirsty fan, I’ve never met anyone who dislikes these two. This was fun and light (these Latin dances are always much easier to watch when the celebrity is a good dancer, no?) and I enjoyed it. I liked that you could see the cogs working when Kellie and Kevin were trying to work out Len’s ‘GR8’ comment, too.

Scores: Craig- 8  Darcey- 8 Len- 9 Bruno- 9 TOTAL: 34

Katie and Anton- Argentine Tango (Libertango)


You know how Anton has, like, super fans who will vote for him regardless? I never understand quite why- maybe it’s his longevity on the show, or his chin, or the fact he changed his name so that it’d sound a bit more suave or something- I’m not one of them. I don’t mind him, though, and last week’s American Smooth is one of my favourite dances of this series. I’m always a bit wary of him and Katie doing ‘sexy’ dances (although I appreciated that their rumba wasn’t smutty) so I’ll admit I came to this dance a bit reluctantly. I liked that someone in wardrobe decided that Katie should be dressed as a stroppy mermaid this week and that this was a proper, old-school Argentine tango (Anton is never going to jazz his dances up, is he?) with loads of kicks and flicks. I liked it.

Scores: Craig- 7 Darcey- 8 Len- 8 Bruno- 9 TOTAL: 32

Helen and Aljaz- Viennese Waltz (At Last)


I’ve given up comparing Helen to old film stars. She’s gorgeous and a brilliant dancer, but she never feels entirely natural. I’ve said before that she’s a bit like Peter in that I think she’s concentrating so hard that she can’t unwind properly when it’s needed (hi, Latin dances!) Interestingly, I think Helen splits the audience too, so it’ll be interesting to see where she finally places in the competition- I’m not as sure as I was that she’ll be in the final, but who knows? It’s getting quite hard to predict now that we’re getting to the end and when the celebrities have a bad week, they then have a habit of doing phenomenally the next week, as happened here. Anyway, this was beautiful and really played to her strengths- and who wouldn’t look that happy to be dancing with Aljaz?!

Scores: Craig- 9 Darcey- 10 Len- 10 Bruno- 10 TOTAL: 39

Jay and Aliona- Tango (When Doves Cry)


Jay appears to have had a stressful week- he’s certainly been saying some odd things on the telly, so maybe the pressure’s getting to him. Saying that, the tango should be his forte… and what a CRACKING song to tango to. I love it; all stompy beats and dramatic moments. This was brilliant; complex, spiky and menacing (Benn noted how brilliant their timing is and how perfectly in sync they are with one another.) A beautiful, sexy and dangerous tango that used that song to perfection. Thrilling.

Scores: Craig- 9 Darcey- 10 Len-9 Bruno- 10 TOTAL: 38

Peter and Janette- American Smooth (Sweetest Feeling)


I think we can all agree that last week’s jive was as bad (if not slightly worse) than watching all of My Former Neighbour’s Iceland adverts back to back whilst being force fed a prawn ring from said frozen food outlet. So this week, he’s back and he has a point to prove! This was certainly sweet, if a tad gimmicky. Could Peter’s days in the competition be numbered? He’s really starting to stick out now that the competition has ramped up a bit. Also, I just want to add that I HATE that open mouthed ‘surprise!’ face he does.

Scores: Craig- 7 Darcey- 8 Len- 8 Bruno- 8 TOTAL: 31

Anita and Gleb- Rumba (Read All About It)


Oh, a rumba. Do you know what fills my heart with more dread? The fact that it’s a rumba danced to Emelie Sande. In front of what appears to be a Kindle Paperwhite. Because nothing says sexy than a badly edited, free edition of Jane Eyre. As a rumba goes, I guess it was OK- lots of anguished facial expressions and wiggling about. I will never warm to this dance. I loved Len’s rant. A man after my own heart.

Scores: Craig- 7 Darcey- 8 Len- 7 Bruno- 9 TOTAL: 31

Georgia and Giovanni- Paso Doble (The Final Countdown)


Despite my better judgement, I have grown to really like these two and I think Georgia is a contender to possibly win- she’s been on one of those cliched ‘journeys’ that producers and viewers love and she has a great chemistry with her dance partner. This was brilliant- if a little unorthodox with the pro banging a drum at the start- and how brave is Georgia for doing all that bit on her own? This was FABULOUS and a properly dramatic paso. Loved. It. I mean, even if Craig is singing its praises, you’re onto a good thing, right? I did think the judges scored that a bit low, to be honest.

Scores: Craig- 8 Darcey- 8 Len- 8 Bruno- 9 TOTAL: 33

Group dance: Quickstep

Ah, this is when you can tell it’s really getting serious, innit? We start getting the fancy group dances and then two dances each a week. (Oh and don’t get me started on the ‘freeform’ dances.) Quickstep is a good choice, but there’s so many ways it could go wrong too… I did wonder-and Craig confirmed this- if the male celebrities have a harder time of it, as they lead and maybe don’t have experience of this kind of competition? Also, this is the one time when Len’s ‘final say’ is probably actually fairly useful, right?

Order of points:

7 points: Helen and Aljaz; 6 points: Georgia and Giovanni ; 5 points: Katie and Anton; 4 points: Anita and Gleb; 3 points: Jay and Aliona; 2 points: Kellie and Kevin; 1 point: Peter and Janette.

So we have HELEN at the top and PETER at the bottom-  I predict he my be going in the dance off…

Got any thoughts? Let me know in the comments or tweet me: @wuthering_alice.


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