Christmas 2015 at Bluebird Tea Co.*


I have a lot of love for Bluebird Tea Co. and their Christmas offerings are always met with excitement in this house (D is a big fan of their rooibos teas- because there’s obviously no way I’m caffeinating a toddler.)

A couple of weeks ago, after a day where I’d been at work for twelve straight hours, I came home to what can only be described as a HUGE hamper full of Christmassy treats. And, dear reader, I undertook to review it all post haste. Now, I know it’s early and all that, but I did see my first Christmas advert last night- thanks, Anchor Spreadable- and so it’s opened the floodgates, imho.


Gingerbread Chai is a favourite that was initially introduced a Christmas blend; it proved so popular that it’s available all year round. It’s one of my all time favourites from the Bluebird catalogue. It’s a rooibos, so caffeine free, and I especially enjoy making it as a latte by adding it to hot milk. D enjoys it too- it’s wonderfully warming, but no so spicy that it’ll blow your head off.

Snowball is one of those kooky, fun blends that Bluebird is fast becoming well-known for and it’s definitely the ‘Christmas special’ I like the best. It’s a chocolatey tea with marshmallows and coconut that feels like an indulgence- without being overly sweet or as heavy as a hot chocolate. Something that’s important, I think, in the season of over-indulging in sweet treats.

And isn’t the mug cute? I’ve been drinking Christmas tea out of a Christmas mug- and it’s not EVEN HALLOWEEN. I do feel like I’m breaking the law or something.



Christmas Cake would win awards for the prettiest tea around- tiny snowflakes and edible glitter mean that this looks pretty when given as a tea bauble (SUCH A GOOD IDEA!) This tea is a bit too sweet for my tastes, but has been popular with guests!


I have no idea why this picture looks like it was taken at a different time to all the others, but hey ho. Isn’t this Mulled Wine cocktail kit cool? You add wine to Mulled Wine tea in the bottle, leave it for 48 hours and then heat everything up. I think this is a really clever gift idea (yes, you could make mulled wine the old fashioned way, or buy it ready made, but that’s not fun.) I have yet to do this- no matter that Twitter tells me I can make mulled wine now and call it ‘autumn sangria’, it still feels early! I have been experimenting with mulled apple juice lately and this would probably work with that, too.


To finish the hamper off, Bluebird included one of their new tote bags and a metal infuser- so if you were given one of these hampers, you could avoid the plastic bag tax AND get brewing straight away! What’s not to like?

Bluebird also have another, very new Christmas tea in addition to the ones above: a white tea with white chocolate and cherries blend named White Christmas. I have yet to sample this, but rest assured, dear reader- I will be picking some up next time I’m in town!

You can order all these tea gifts (including the hamper itself and many others) here.

*I was sent this prodct to review. All views are my own.


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