Strictly Come Dancing 2015- Week 1, Show 1

It’s always a bit hard keeping track in the early stages, so I’m typing, keeping notes and watching the programme. It’s certainly keeping me on me toes… Oh, I’m also drinking wine. THIS WILL END WELL.

Kellie and Kevin- Tango (You Really Got Me)

Source: BBC

Source: BBC

Ooh, I love a good tango, me- and this was a brilliant one to start the new series with. I liked the 60s vibe, but the costume was more 50s (but I’m aware that this is just me being a bit picky.) Overall, I was super impressed with this. Even Craig was enthusiastic (and let’s pause for a second to remember Danny Dyer’s face as Craig said that he could ‘iron’ him any time. Worth my license fee, that.)

Scores: Craig- 6, Darcey- 7, Len- 7, Bruno- 7. TOTAL: 27

Anthony and Oti- Jive (Wake Me Up Before You Go Go)

Source: BBC

Source: BBC

There’s something about Anthony Ogogo that I find quite charming. He seems like a nice lad who’s very enthusiastic and mildly surprised that he’s been partnered with such a stunning dancer. Oti has her work cut out though, as he’s more enthusiasm than skill, but that’s not a bad thing early on, as he’s got the makings of being endearing- and could earn a big (female) fanbase. Also, did you see what they did there with the song AND HIS NAME? Always thinking, those Strictly planning bods. Let’s gloss over the trouser split, yeah?

Scores: Craig- 4, Darcey-5, Len- 6, Bruno- 7. TOTAL: 21

Helen and Aljaz- Waltz (With You I’m Born Again)

Source: BBC

Source: BBC

Argh, SUCH A PRETTY COUPLE DANCING SUCH A PRETTY DANCE. My notes say ‘Monroe? Hepburn. ELSA.’ (D is currently going through a Frozen phase. I wish he’d just Let It Go. Badum, tish!) Anyway, you can tell Helen has dance experience- which is totally not a criticism, it’s nice to see the waltz danced beautifully. I’ve never been keen  on that flesh material that Strictly costumers seem to love, but then I’m not an expert. Overall, a lovely dance. I loved her reaction when Darcy compared her to the great Ginger Rogers.

Scores: Craig-7, Darcey-7, Len-7, Bruno-8. TOTAL: 29

The Lovely Carol and Pasha- Cha Cha (Thunder In My Heart)

Source: BBC

Source: BBC

80s HAIR! A FAUX WEATHER REPORT! FOR THE LOVE OF SEQUINS- PASHA ON A CLOUD! I mean, really- could this BE any more perfect for a Strictly performance? Unfortunately, The Lovely Carol appears to be a bit stiff out of hold and has the potential to be this year’s Judy Murray, but for camp hi-jinx, this was pitch perfect. Craig was a bit harsh, I thought.

Scores: Craig-2, Darcey-5, Len-5, Bruno-4. TOTAL: 16

Daniel and Kristina- Waltz (When Irish Eyes Are Smiling)

Source: BBC

Source: BBC

I’m not sure this could get any more Irish, even if there were a troupe of nuns eating Tayto crisps while a choir of children dressed as leprechauns sang the chorus. Kristina looked THRILLED in the pre-dance VT. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Daniel. (I did miss a bit, as Benn said he reminded him of Mrs Doubtfire. “It’s the Irish accent.” Me: “Mrs Doubtfire was Scottish.” Benn: “…” For some reason I got the giggles and missed looking at the footwork.) My impression was that he was slightly uncomfortable and my notes say ‘gentlemanly’, which I believe was echoed by Darcy. I did enjoy Mrs O’Donnell looking surprised and shaking her head when Claudia said she had been crying during the dance.

Scores: Craig- 4, Darcey-6, Len-7, Bruno-7. TOTAL: 24

Anita and Gleb- Cha Cha (No Place I’d Rather Be)

Source: BBC

Source: BBC

This was my favourite of the whole show. I was bit undecided about Anita, but I am a firm fan now. I’d enthusiastically written ‘FRINGING! COWS!’ which I think speaks volumes. I just thought her attitude and confidence was brilliant and I loved every second of this. The cha cha is not easy and to have pulled this off on the first show of the series- with a cow in the background and a rather attractive dancer out front- is no mean feat. (Also, side note- Gleb’s baby has *fantastic* genes, no? His parents are super human in terms of genetic beauty.)

Scores: Craig-6, Darcey-7, Len-7, Bruno-7. TOTAL: 27

So, yeah, that’s tonight. Join me tomorrow when I discuss fringing, feathering and footwork with absolutely no experience other than a few jive classes three years ago. My previous Strictly post is here, if you’re interested.


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