Handmade sale!

I was looking through some bits and pieces and realised that I had a lot of stock left from when I used to make and sell things at craft fairs in Brighton and I really would like to clear the decks- I only have so much storage and if I keep everything, Benn will eventually have to divorce me due to hoarding… So I’ve decided to start small.

I’ve made all these items myself with a range of materials. If there’s anything you fancy, leave me a note in the comments with what you want and a way to contact you once I’ve worked out postage. Everything is sold as seen- any questions, get in touch!



  1. Rock Music- Paper, lava rock, goldstone. Was: £9 Now: £4

2. Sahara- Large porcelain beads, goldstone. Was £10 Now £4.50

3. Tiger- Mookite (the irregular shaped beads; it’s a gemstone), tiger’s eye. Was: £9 Now £4

bracelets24. Ice and Fire- Lava beads, blue sodalite. Was £10 Now £4.50

5. Marrakech- Paper beads, clay. Was £7 Now £3

6. Waterlillies- Vintage (1950s and 1960s) Czech glass beads. Was £10 Now £5

bracelets37. Beachball- Glass beads. Was £9 Now £4

8. Gatsby- Murano glass beads. Was £9 Now £4

9. Clash- Plastic beads, freshwater pearls (runs slightly large). Was £6 Now £2.50

bracelets410. Aphrodite- rose quartz, glass. Was £8.50 Now £3.50

11. Christabel- Chalk turquoise, purple glass. Was £8.50 Now £3.50

12. Old Lace- Large 1960s Lucite beads, blue sodalite and moonstones. Was £9 Now £4.50


13. Picasso- Glass beads and moonstone. Was £8 Now £3.50

14. Chaos in Tokyo- Japanese paper beads, plastic beads. Was £6 Now £2.50

15. The Nile- Chalk turquoise, glass. Was £7 Now £3

Scarves– These long, skinny scarves would be great in early autumn and are made from organic Merino wool, hand-dyed by me (it’s really hard to capture the colours, but they are quite bright. Ask if you’d like further photos.) I designed and knitted the scarves myself. Originally £17.50, these are the last two: Sherbert Pink and Awesome Orange (SOLD). Now £8 each


Vintage Stamp Brooches– Made by a friend of mine, these simple badges feature genuine stamps from the 1970s to the 1990s (and many are from countries that no longer exist!) £1.50 each or three for £3, please state clearly which number you would like when ordering.

The following numbers have been SOLD: 1,2,3, 11,16,19.




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