The Happiness Project #4: Treat yo’ self!


Of all the gifts that Parks and Recreation gave to the world-including and not limited to Ron Swanson- I think Donna and Tom’s annual Treat Yo’ Self day is possibly the best one.

Today, I’m off to London to see the McQueen exhibition and I’m planning on picking up some tea from Fornum and Mason. Oh! And I’m doing it all child-free. I planned the whole shebang during a really tough time at work and paid for it in bits- one month I bought the exhibition ticket; the next I bought the train tickets. It gave me something to look forward to, especially in hard moments and now I can’t quite believe it’s today!

But treating yourself doesn’t have to be expensive… sometimes, after a day of D being hard work, or lots of meetings about data (ALWAYS fun), a hot bath with loads of bubbles and a good book can be enough.

So today- I want you to TREAT YOURSELF. Let me know how!


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