The Happiness Project #3: Who inspires you today?


I admire so many people, but they inspire me on different days. This is kind of like having a wardrobe of inspirational people in my mind- depending on the type of day it is, I channel a different person. Do I need to be fearless? I might be channelling Frida Kahlo today. Do I want to be bold? Maybe I’ll dig out my inner Josephine Baker. Witty? Oscar Wilde, every time.

Having these mental alter-egos can be incredibly freeing. After all, my life is very often one of ‘fake it ’til you make it’ (although when I will finally make it as a massively successful writer is anyone’s guess!) and by thinking ‘What would Frida do?’ I can often force myself to see problems in a different light. It’s definitely a technique I’ve found that works for me…

So, who’s inspiring you today? Let me know! Leave a comment or tweet me: @wuthering_alice

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