I did Park Run!

So yesterday, I did something that Benn has been nagging me to do for about a year- I went and ran the Hove Park park run. I made sure I had all the right kit on (I’m quite particular about what I wear when I run, even down to the socks) and I downloaded the 5k race mission on my Zombies Run app.


Not going to lie, I’m more of a Garfield in this situation

It was a hot morning. I ran. I kept hearing a voice in my head that told me I hated running, that I couldn’t do it- why didn’t I just stop? I was nearly sick twice. It was hot and I didn’t have any water. I desperately needed the loo. But I pushed on. I did it.

I came 399th out of 416 people and I had a time of 35:35- my quickest ever run, with my quickest ever kilometer of 6.34 minutes (I average about 7.18 on a quick day. Benn does the whole course in about 17 minutes.)

I’m proud of myself, even though I bloody hated it. I’ll probably do it again in a couple of weeks (I have the Labour Party leader hustings next weekend, so won’t be able to make it) I do, however, have to purchase myself a bumbag (A BUMBAG! OH THE HUMANITY!) and a cap, so that I can carry my water bottle, phone and avoid nose sunburn.

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