Bluebird Tea Co.’s 2015 summer tea collection*

Ah, summer. Do you still drink tea when the weather’s warm? I do, although I do tend to switch to green tea (I find black tea a bit heavier on hot days, but I do still have a sneaky Earl Grey first thing in a morning!) Anyhoo, let’s get exploring Bluebird’s new teas…

Chinese Treasures

chinese_treasures_1 (1)

Now this is GOOD STUFF. This is the kind of tea I like to drink when I get home from a run and feel alternately smug/virtuous. It’s a green tea that’s been formulated around principles of Chinese medicine and has a pleasant, sweet jasmine flavour. A hint of ginger, added to some ginseng means that this pretty tea packs a hidden punch. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a permanent addition to the Bluebird collection- and one that health nuts, lovers of green tea and connoisseurs will welcome with open arms. My new favourite green tea by a mile.

Ice Cream Float


I’m going to be honest with you- this isn’t my favourite. I do like an ice cream float, but one with Coke, rather than root beer. However, root beer is definitely the inspiration behind this one; I loved the idea of caramel pieces, tea, spices and liquorice, but the addition of burdock and sarsaparilla (both strong flavours) was a bit strong for me. However, I have shared this tea with friends who have loved this, so I guess your mileage may vary- and if you like strong, quirky teas with a vintage twist, this could be the tea for you!

Simply The Zest


Picture an orange grove in Seville (or one of those orangeries posh houses used to have in the olden days)- then mix that juicy flavour and the heady smell of sharp citrus with a good, strong bodied black tea and you’ll find yourself with this lovely tea. It’s summer in a mug and a beautiful tea for a sunny morning. You can’t help but feel cheerful when drinking this- and you’ll also be forgiven for channelling your inner Tina Turner, too. (Just me?)

Pineappple Mint


This is a pretty tea, isn’t it? It’s also an excellent candidate for iced tea; the ingredients are classic fruit tea- dried pineapple, pepper/spearmints, lemongrass. It surprised me by not being as sweet as I expected, as the mint is really the dominant flavour here. I reckon this would be lovely cold, laced with a cheeky little bit of gin. Lush.

*Sent for review


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