The One and Only.. Phoenix Yard Books colouring books for grown ups!*

I have been colouring a lot lately and it’s been a real form of therapy. It’s the first year I’ve really felt like I was back in the swing of exam season since returning from maternity leave and also one of the hardest I can remember in terms of pressure. I haven’t been in the mood to do much- knitting and letter writing, not to mention blogging, have felt far too much like hard work and I’m not sure my mental capacity has been up to doing any of them at any great standard. So this is where tinkering in the garden- and especially- colouring have come in.

A few weeks back, Phoenix Yard Books contacted me and asked if I fancied giving their colouring books a go. I said yes immediately, as I’d looked at them a few days before in Waterstones and had been impressed by the variety of illustrations.


As you can see, the titles I was sent are:

The One and Only Colouring Book for Grown Up Children

The Second One and Only Colouring Book for Adults

The One and Only Mandala Colouring Book

The One and Only Colouring Book for Travelling Adults

I love the mandala book especially. I may not be as zen as the monks who create one in the lobby of the White House in House of Cards, but I can see the appeal of colouring in such intricate designs (I seem to favour the more delicate designs in the book.) Here is my current work in progress, it’s been going for about a week now:


(By the way, the pencils I’m using are these ones, and I wish I’d bought them earlier.) Carl Jung was a fan of mandalas- something about them being an extension of the self- but I like them because they allow me to really allow my perfectionist, I-like-my-things-to-be-symmetrical brain go to town. I choose limited colour palettes and then make IMPORTANT DECISIONS. Even if I do ten minutes of colouring in, I feel much better afterwards. I literally switch my brain off and only focus on trying to colour in the lines (which is way harder than you think when you’re a wound up ball of stress energy and a dash of crossness is added in to the mix.)

The other three books are smaller in stature but more eclectic in their illustration choices- sugar skulls, hipster people, animals and abstract patterns are all represented in these books and there really is something for everyone.


Oh- and a quick note about the travelling colouring book: it comes in a slip case and has ring binding, so perfect for those who want to do a bit of therapeutic colouring on a commute…


*Books were sent for review, the pencils I bought myself. Links are not affiliated


2 thoughts on “The One and Only.. Phoenix Yard Books colouring books for grown ups!*

  1. Kelly McKenny says:

    These look lovely! I always loved colouring in, and though I’m far from a perfectionist in many aspects of my life it really hurts my brain to observe the kids flagrant disregard for lines and patterns!

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