What I learnt by sorting out my wardrobe

What do me and a New York socialite have in common?

As of today, we both have wardrobes sorted according to season. I was inspired by this post to get myself organised.


If left to my own devices, my home would probably resemble something like this.

I am queen of the floordrobe. I drive Benn mad with my disorganisation and me ironing ANYTHING is pretty much unheard of. So I surprised myself with my desire to sort my clothes out according to season- I think it was a culmination of the post above and the fact that I have a spare drawer under the bed.

As I sorted things, I found clothes I hadn’t seen in month; the jumper I knitted myself, my favourite eBay bargain dress. I organised my scarves on a coathanger in a way that is TOTALLY worthy of Pinterest.

I also noticed some things:

  1. Most of my clothes are secondhand- bought from charity shops, eBay and cast-offs from friends.
  2. Of those that I bought myself, lots of them are very old. Many pre-date having D by a couple of years at least.
  3. The newest item of non-workout clothing is a pair of jeans that I bought in the ASOS sale and hated on first sight. I really like them now.
  4. I have fifteen long sleeved black t-shirts. FIFTEEN.
  5. I have dozens of scarves, but I will happily keep collecting them.
  6. I used to wear a lot of skirts (hence the t-shirts) but now I’m more into dresses with leggings.
  7. I tend to wear the same things regardless of season, but make them ‘season appropriate’ with knitwear and accessories.
  8. I have a lot of knitwear.
  9. Despite what I would have expected, due to my fondness for grey, most of my clothes are relatively colourful.
  10. I am much better at being ruthless than I used to be- one dress is on eBay and I have a bag for the charity shop ready to go.

I have yet to tackle my chest of drawers, but that is in my near future. I would like some new clothes, but whether I’ll get round to buying any is another thing. I would also like to have more handmade clothes (I have loads of accessories, but few actual garments.)


  1. Have the eBay app on your phone ready to take photos and sell stuff straight away.
  2. Have loads of coathangers- more than you expect you’ll need, as they double up for hanging stuff like scarves, tights, belts and bras (I guess, if you were so inclined!)
  3. Have a good, sturdy bag to hand for charity shop donations.

It’s actually quite theraputic and, dare I say it, enjoyable!

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