Not another rant about writing

So yesterday, a well known brand emailed me, asking if I’d be interested in writing about earning an extra income; as we’ve signed D up for nursery in September (and they don’t come cheap, especially in Brighton and before he qualifies for free hours), I expressed an interest. After all- this was a very hyped, new company that I knew was making serious money. And surely, given the topic, they’d be up for paying?


Nope. I was offered ‘exposure’.

Now, I’m not some entitled blogger who expects sponsored posts. I’m not in the big league and I have turned down stuff that isn’t relevant to my interests and those of the people who read what I write. But I have done paid work before, both on the blog and freelance copywriting. I think hard before accepting jobs- can I give it the time it needs? Can I meet the brief? If you pay me, I will work hard for that money. I’ll work fast, I’ll write well and I’ll stick to your brief. Heck, I even declare my earnings to the tax man, as I should. If you send me something to review, I’ll do that to the best of my ability too.

But if you email me, asking me to do something on how your employees work with you to earn extra money and then say you don’t have a budget, but just wanted to start a ‘fun conversation’- that’s chutzpah.

I politely declined (with a note that, like the employees they wanted me to write about, I also needed to earn an extra income.)

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