Grown up colouring and the art of getting a bit Zen

I was recently sent a copy of the first issue of Art Therapy magazine to review. As I recently wrote about how close I was to burnout, I was willing to try anything- ANYTHING- to get my mind a bit quieter.


Please, do forgive me for the use of carpet as background- this was a hasty photoshoot.

I started having a go at grown up colouring (which is obviously a ‘thing’ now) while watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (also a ‘thing’) and found both immensely enjoyable.


Thing is, for the first time in a few years, I am on ZERO medications. This means I am dealing with the world uninsulated for the first time in a long time. I need distractions from stroppy toddlers, coursework marking and the post-exercise agonies my body is determined to inflict on me. Both colouring and Kimmy Schmidt are good, positive antidotes to stress.


Colouring in makes the imperfect perfectionist in me happy- I like everything to be symmetrical and the patterns in the magazine encourage this. I may have got a D in GCSE Art (I didn’t even want to take it in the first place, to be honest but choices at my secondary school were somewhat limited….), but by Jove I think I’d get at least a C in colouring in! I also think I’m going to be OK with my stress, too.

Issue 2 of Art Therapy magazine is now available.


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