#PaperHaul- February: Birds

Everyone knows that I love birds. It’s perhaps the most hipster thing about me. (I am obviously more hipster than a Hackney cafe called ‘Peak Beard’, selling both craft cupcakes and vintage reconstructed tea caddies.) I mean, my favourite Portlandia sketch is this one:

So just imagine my delight and surprise when I received the latest #PaperHaul box and it was BIRD THEMED. I love all of it. This is my favourite box so far (the only way it could get better? A dinosaur box. *hinthint*)

Let’s have a look inside…

20150301_0908171 and 2 are craft papers- I love the flamingoes!

3 and 4 are large stickers. I like the Scandinavian style of these and the colours are a nice twist on the usual red/blue/white we expect from Nordic-themed items.

5 is a postcard- and I’m tempted to keep this and stick it by my desk in my work room. It’s so pretty, but not twee.


6 and 8 are postcards- I’m finding these are great to stash away and send to friends as a surprise. These are cute and cheery so will hopefully brighten someone’s day in the future.

7 is the washi tape for this box and I love it. I actually have this design- birds on a wire- in black and white so I like this addition to my collection.

9- tiny pigeon stickers, which D loves. I’m not sure I’ll see these again…

10- cute little notecards. These are some of my favourite items in the #PaperHaul boxes. The owls look slightly cross and bewildered (a bit like me on a Monday. They’re my spirit owls.)


11- I love the inclusion of these pretty, Victorian style bird gift tags. They will definitely make me look way more sophisticated than I actually am.

12 and 13 are this month’s cards and they’re lovely and quite arty.

What I love about this this box is that there’s something for everyone in this box- cute, stylish and arty. It’s definitely the best #PaperHaul yet!

So, that’s this month’s #PaperHaul box! You can sign up here for £10 a month plus p+p(there is also an international subscription option available.)

Disclosure: I get my box at a discounted rate in return for a review.


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