Teaching myself Spanish with Flashsticks*


I’m learning Spanish with a system called Flashsticks and so far I’ve taught D to say ‘Hello, my name is…’ and ‘I like fish’. Which, I’m sure you’ll agree is pretty impressive for an almost two-and-a-half year old, even if the latter phrase isn’t particularly useful (unless he’s enthusing about why he’s watching Finding Nemo for the 73rd time to a confused Spanish person.)IMG_20150224_165719

This is the sight that greets me as I walk into my workroom- and the Flashsticks post-its are plastered on the other side of the bookcase and trailing up the staircase too. It’s safe to say that Benn hasn’t got a clue what’s going on. (So business as usual on that score then.)

What I like about this way of learning a language is that it works very much in the same way as I encourage my own students to revise- each post-it is colour coded according to whether it’s masculine, feminine or a verb or other word.

The pronunciation is broken down and- rather snazzily- you can download an app that scans the note and a very nice Spanish lady pops up and shows you how to pronounce the word correctly. It was like something out of the Jetsons the first time I tried that! D, au fait with modern technology already, simply copied what she said.

So- do I rate Flashsticks so far? Well, I’m using the beginner’s pack and as I have very little Spanish, I’m finding it quite useful. Some words I know, but needed to develop my pronunciation and Flashsticks is helping. All I can say is: sorry in advance to the media technician and the head of Spanish at work and my Spanish dentist. I’ll be practising my pidgin Spanish on you all at every opportunity.

*Priced at £4.99 for 200 words, this pack was sent for review


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