Books 2015: Nunslinger- Stark Holborn*

Nunslinger (Feb)

Nunslinger started life as a series of e-books, which were then published as a collection at the end of last year. If I’m honest, I was drawn to this book on Bookbridgr because of the cover (I mean, look at it- it is SO COOL.) Plus anyone who knows me knows that I love a good nun-related yarn.

The story revolves around Sister Thomas Josephine, a nun wrongly accused of murder at the time of the American Civil War. As a result, Thomas Josephine finds herself running around the Wild West avoiding the army, attempting to save souls and associating with outlaws, murderers and a whole host of ne’er-do-wells. I bloody loved this book.

You see, had you asked me a few weeks ago if I’d be up for reading a book that’s essentially a western, I’d have said no. I’ve never really gone in for the cowboys and Indians schtick of the genre. However, the main characters- Thomas Josephine and the outlaw she teams up with for most of the book, Abe Muir- are likeable and sympathetic. The plot’s a bit far-fetched at times, but this read more like a fun (yet slightly violent) romp and I was happy to suspend my disbelief for the duration.

I liked the way the nun’s feelings about her situation and her crises of faith were framed in a way that seemed worlds apart from the traditional machismo of the Wild West. Yes, she was a woman of God, but there was no way she was a victim. Other women in the novel are strong and more than capable of holding their own with the men and it’s brilliant. You should read it.

*Sent for review


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