Books 2015: Holy Cow- David Duchovny*

Holy Cow (Jan)

Yes, this is the book written by that David Duchovny and, yep, it’s about a talking cow.

Billed as a ‘modern day dairy tale’, this is the story of Elsie Bovary (a.k.a. Elsie Q when in her militant phase), a cow who decides that she should really up sticks and moove (yeah, no, I’m so not sorry) to India where cows are revered. Along the way, she picks up a turkey with a smartphone and a recently-converted-to-Judaism-pig and the trio decide to steal a private jet. Oh, and they manage to ease tensions in the Middle East. Of course.

This book is, quite frankly, bonkers. On Twitter, I described it as a cross between Mean Girls and Animal Farm, especially earlier in the novel when Elsie becomes more aware of what life on the farm is like. If you’re expecting an X-Files reboot, this is not it (although I will be reviewing Gillian Anderson’s book on Monday which will be more to you taste if that’s the case.)

It’s a funny read-often verging on the cringey/offensive, although Duchovny takes potshots at pretty much everyone- and I did finish it very quickly. There’s a lot of self-awareness, pop culture references and addressing the reader, which made this feel like a modern satire more than anything else. Will it be the next Orwellian classic? No, I don’t think so. Will it pass the time in a funny and surreal way? Definitely.

*Sent for review

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