Preparing for Seedy Sunday 2015


I am SO EXCITED about this year’s Seedy Sunday– it’s the first year I’ve had a garden that’s mine and I have a rough idea about how the garden will eventually take shape. I’ll probably go into more detail about that in a future post though.

My short term aim is to get the stuff needed for fruit and veg in the garden. This will more than likely be grown  in pots and growbags this year, so I’m looking for small, compact plants; I’ve already ordered some blueberry and tomato plug plants and I’ve got my eye on some potatoes too.

Organising is VERY IMPORTANT

Organising is VERY IMPORTANT

My wishlist has some specifics (heirloom tomatoes, broad beans, peas and sweet peas) and some ‘maybes’ (aubergines, strawberries, raspberries) as well as some things I need to look into a bit more, like foxglove seeds. I’d also like to get some sunflowers for D. As you can see from the book above, I’m also interested in companion planting, so I expect some nasturtiums and marigolds will be among my purchases.

As well as planning for outside, I’ve begun growing ‘micro greens’ indoors. We spend a fortune on salad, so I’m doing what I can to alleviate that! So I might pick up some kale and other leafy greens to grow as cut and come again leaves. The batch I planted last week had already started to show by two days later, so I’m hoping for more success! I can pretend I’m sort of healthy then, can’t I?


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