#PaperHaul box #2 has arrived- and this month it’s all about orange

Ah, the second #PaperHaul box has arrived and I really like it! Whereas last month’s travel theme wasn’t really ‘me’, this month’s is more my sort of thing. So, what’s in this month’s box?


These tags are cute and I like that they’re included- they are the sort of thing I won’t use straight away, but will be perfect for presents. I never have enough gift tags to hand normally and these are quirky while still being grown up. (Similarly, last month’s tags are being used for presents for some car-mad little boys.)

The same applies to the cards- these are the sort of thing I like to have around, ready to use at a moment’s notice. This month’s cards are a cool 70’s dude and a pretty princess. I already have someone in mind for both!



As well as these cards, there’s some notecards and postcards, as last month. These will be great for surprising friends via snail-mail!



The washi tape this month is fun too- I love polka dots and I didn’t get to use my car washi from last month, as a certain small boy coveted it for himself! So this one is MINE:


There’s also the double sided papers this month, which are very ‘Scarborough-hotel-in-the-70s’. (This is a good thing.)I’m not sure what I would use these for, but I’m sure Pinterest will come to my aid when I have time to look. Who knows, maybe I’ll take up origami or something? (Answer: probably not.)


The best bit for me are the stickers- I love foxes (see the scarf used as a background!) and I love stickers for decorating pretty much anything, so these are going to be used quite swiftly, I think:


Finally, these cool stickers were included- again, I reckon they’ll be used swiftly.


So, that’s this month’s #PaperHaul box! You can sign up here for £10 a month plus p+p (there is also an international subscription option available.)

Disclosure: I get my box at a discounted rate in return for a review.

2 thoughts on “#PaperHaul box #2 has arrived- and this month it’s all about orange

    • stephaniepomfrett says:

      I have very happy memories of a particular holiday to Scarborough (early 90s though!) I just remember swirly wallpaper and a lounge that smelled of a pipe. To this day, the smell of a pipe takes me back to being about seven!

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