Books 2015: Yes Please- Amy Poehler

Yes Please (Jan)

I was dead excited to get this at Christmas from my in-laws; I’ve been a fan of hers since I saw her SNL skits as Hilary Clinton. I also love Parks and Recreation and get the impression that she’s an all round good egg.

Yes Please is best described as a memoir, but with general life advice. It’s kind of like having a lunch date with your cool, feminist aunt who always bought you the best presents and now she’s acting like your fairy godmother and is telling you all the stuff she’s learnt over the years. There’s loads of stuff covered in the book- growing up, relationships, giving birth, Amy’s struggle to build a career that she loved- and it’s all got a friendly, funny and supportive tone to it.

It especially struck a chord with me when she talks about raising her sons; I’m not one for mushy mum-ness, but I just got what she was saying. I felt the same way when reading how Tina Fey described going through labour.

I think it might be a bit ‘showbizzy’ for some people- at times it reads like a who’s-who of popular American comedians- and I didn’t really feel terribly interested in the bits that discuss improv theatre. But I loved the tone and humour and the fact that it felt like I was talking to a good friend.

Also: I need a pair of the shoes Amy wears on the cover.

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