Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy- Helen Fielding

Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy (Dec)

I loved reading Bridget Jones as a teenager. I loved the films (even though I usually loathe rom-coms) and I was looking forward to reading how Bridget had fared in the intervening years.

The answer? Not brilliantly.

Bridget is now a fifty-something widow with two small children and a toyboy. She’s just discovered Twitter. But other than that, she’s still the same Bridget. And she’s as irritating as hell.

What was funny and endearing in earlier books feels stretched and repetitive. It’s easy to spot which man will end up with Bridget (even the same tics are evident as in the first book) and it’s disappointing that two main characters from the earlier books are no longer present. Those who are still there are just…. boring.

I think Bridget should be remembered as she was in the first two books- I liked that Bridget. This Bridget just seems selfish, silly and immature, which was fine when it was a new thing, but annoying when it’s like a scratched record and her two small children seem more grown up than she does.

Oh, Bridget.


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