The Wrong Knickers- Bryony Gordon*

The Wrong Knickers - A Decade of Chaos (Dec)

This is my last ‘review book’ (i.e. sent to me, as opposed to bought or borrowed) of the year and I must say I enjoyed it. It’s essentially Bridget Jones in the 21st century and writer Bryony Gordon- a columnist on The Telegraph- recounts her life in London in her twenties.

After a break up, her parents’ divorce and a one-night stand in which she’s given the wrong knickers, Gordon’s life spirals into a whirlwind of drinking, bad flats, occasional drug use and bizarre encounters. Although I sometimes found her manner irritating- Gordon is a similar age to me, but I found her (hopefully exaggerated) sense of entitlement breathtaking at times- I thought that The Wrong Knickers was a very funny story which made me slightly glad I hadn’t ended up in London after university.

Interestingly, I read the latest Bridget Jones book straight after I finished this (review tomorrow) and I found that I much preferred Bryony to Bridget; I liked Gordon much more than her fictional counterpart and identified with her in a way that I never could with Bridget.


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