Strange Girls and Ordinary Women- Morgan McCarthy*

Strange Girls and Ordinary Women (Dec)

I remember seeing some buzz about this when it was first published and so when it came up on Bookbridgr, of course I requested it.

The concept is an interesting one- something links three very different women: Alice, a middle class mother who’s found out her husband is having an affair; Kaya, a young stripper with a difficult background; and Vic, a socially awkward hotel manager in Portugal. However, I would have preferred more time spent on each separate woman- the story held together quite flimsily and I didn’t particularly have any feelings towards any of the characters. Each woman was of a type- the sort you might expect to find in a Victorian novel: the wife, the harlot and the spinster. Men, when they appeared, were one-dimensional and only interested in sex or money.

For me, this was a quick but frustrating read. Sure, there were links between the stories, but they weren’t… satisfying. Because I didn’t like any of the characters, I didn’t care what happened to any of them and why they were linked. I think maybe my expectations and the book’s premise didn’t meet and that’s OK.


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