Taking the #EarlybirdChallenge*

Mornings are stressful, right? On the mornings I get up for work, I have to be out the door by 7.15 at the latest. On my days off, I’m often up at an insane time due to the benevolent dictator that is my two-year-old. Usually I would rush around, stressed and harried until time to leave or run whatever errands we have to do that day. However, the team at Free Office Finder are challenging us to make the most of our mornings and I decided to take them up on that challenge.

As we’re in the season of goodwill, I decided that my approach to the challenge would be to show a little goodwill to myself- I find that if I start the morning right in a variety of ways, the rest of the day will follow.

1. Look after my skin

I’m not going to lie to you- some mornings I cannot be bothered to much to my skin save slapping a bit of moisturiser on before applying my makeup. But, this being a challenge (and the fact I recently took delivery of a Memebox stuffed with Korean skincare goodies), I have decided to do my face some justice. So cleanser, oil, serum and moisturiser are all on my skincare menu. I’m finding that the extra time is paying off- my makeup lasts longer and looks tons better.

vintage-beauty2. Eat right

Oh, please make no mistake. I need caffeine to begin the day, especially if we’ve had a rough night with D (as has been happening lately.) Usually, I’d have toast and Earl Grey tea from a teabag, which is easy and lazy. To combat this, I have been brewing up one of my many loose leaf teas- rose pouchong is very good first thing- and porridge. I feel very virtuous after this start to the day, although I might be tempted to veer from the path of virtue by my advent calendar. After all, it is Christmas, right?!

(I'm not greedy- the Hello Kitty one is mine, Mr Men is D's)

(I’m not greedy- the Hello Kitty one is mine, Mr Men is D’s)

3. Dress well

It’s cold. I need layers. I love layers. If I’m wearing comfortable, warm clothes, I instantly feel better. There’s nothing worse for killing your mood throughout the day than garment paranoia. Seriously, the other day I felt really self conscious about my tights and was CONVINCED everyone else had noticed. If in doubt, do the old extra pair of knickers over the top of tights trick. You may spend your day feeling like Wonder Woman as a result and this is a GOOD THING. I’m also currently rocking the ‘legwarmers as boot cuff’ look. I leave the house feeling like a boss.

Image: Comicvine

Image: Comicvine

4. Play music

I’ve started listening to music again in the mornings. The right song can set me up for the day and my current playlist has everyone from Beyonce and Taylor Swift to Kate Bush and David Bowie (how can you not feel fabulous after singing along to Heroes?)

After these essentials- and a bit of makeup- I’m ready to face the day. I have to get up ten minutes earlier, but it is so worth it if I have a positive day! Also, by getting up a few minutes earlier, I have some peace before D wakes up- which is always lovely…!

*Written in conjunction with Free Office Finder*


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