Maintaining something like a work/life balance…

The other day, I had a five lesson day, with lunch duty and an after school revision session for mocks. Then I got home, put D to bed and had my tea. Then I worked on two hours’ worth of marking, had a bath and collapsed into bed. Oh, and I spent four hours of the next day-my day off-marking too.

Image: Huffington Post

Image: Huffington Post

Now, this is not a ‘poor me’ post, but rather a ‘how the bloody hell did I let that happen?’ post. For some reason, this term has been manic and I’m finding it harder and harder to balance home and work. It was affecting the time I spent with D and Benn. I wasn’t doing anything FUN. So I’m trying to claw something back.

I’ve decided to try and leave work at work when I can. I’m making sure that I spend time with D doing fun things: colouring, baking, reading- the usual stuff. I guess that I don’t want him, when he’s grown up, to say I never spent time with him when he was little. My mum was a stay-at-home-mum and I always knew she’d be at home. It’s not really an option for me, but I do want to give D quality time.

I’ve also asked Benn that we arrange something where we go out without D. For the first time ever, I’ve persuaded him to come to my work’s Christmas do on the 19th (oh, IMAGINE THE HILARITY when I found out the other day that my dentist’s office have their Christmas party at the same place on the same day and at the same time as ours. I did say that I was only joking when I’d said that I spent so much time at their office that I was part of the team.) We’e booked tickets to a few comedy gigs in the next few months and we’re lucky enough to have people around us who appear to like D enough to take him off our hands for a couple of hours.

We live in a world of 24 hour communication, where we expect to have whatever we want at the click of a button- but it seems that we’re overloading ourselves, scared of missing out, judging ourselves against work and other people. It’s really tiring, isn’t it? So now I’m going to attempt to take a bit of my own time back- I’m getting better at saying no to some things; trying to get moreĀ sleep and taking care of myself better; and carving time out for myself where I can. That’s not asking for too much… is it?

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