Netflix Obsessions

Apart from watching films for work (keep your eyes peeled for a post about some of my favourite foreign language films coming soon), I’ve been quite lazy when it comes to watching anything longer than an hour. I didn’t finish watching Game of Thrones season 3 earlier in the year, but I have been completely hooked on Netflix.

First, obviously, is the wonderful Orange is the New Black:

Image: Netflix

Image: Netflix

I wrote about OITNB a few months back, briefly, after reading the book (which is nowhere near as good as the series, by the way. If you think Piper on TV is annoying, you’ll definitely not be a fan of her in the book.) I love this show- the characters are fantastic and the use of flashbacks to learn about their stories is a great narrative technique. Also, the ending of series 2? Epic. I cannot wait to see what series 3 brings in 2015.

My main obsession at the moment, though, is the glorious House of Cards. Oh, my word I LOVE IT.



Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood is wonderfully creepy- imagine all of Shakespeare’s villains all rolled into one ambitious American congressman and you have a brilliant TV show. I love how plot twists smack me in the face when I’m least expecting it- at least one character ends up suffering at the hands of the Underwoods in a way I could never predict- and it’s the one show I binge watch. Benn knows not to ask for the TV during one of my screenings.

Alas, I am coming to the end of the second series and so am looking for something to replace it. I’ve been told the original British mini-series that House of Cards is based on is worth a watch, but otherwise I have no idea what to watch next. House? Breaking Bad? Dexter? Leave me suggestions in the comments!


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