A wee tim’rous beastie- to live on my desk

I have a fondness for mice; as kids we kept them as pets and I actually don’t mind it when Bronts brings them in (even though it is a faff to catch them. Oh, and one once hid in D’s buggy and I nearly deafened those in a five mile radius when I screeched in shock.)

When the lovely people at Museum Selection offered me something to review, I really was spoilt for choice; there’s loads for the discerning Christmas shopper. After perusing the items on offer, I chose this little mouse and conker ornament*. I thought he’d make a good paperweight on my desk and the description of him as a ‘tim’rous beastie’ sold it to me, as it’s one of my nicknames for D. Although, D is certainly not a timorous beastie, I do like the Burns poem!



He’s a lovely heavy little chap and he’s very lifelike in his details. I’m now eyeing up the curled fox  sculpture to add to my ever-growing woodland animal collection…

If you’re looking for Christmas presents with a twist, do take a look!


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