New Twinings’ loose leaf pyramid teabags*



Twinings has launched some exciting new teas for the coming winter and I’m very excited to be able to tell you all about them!

Using pyramid bags to brew tea leaves isn’t a new idea, but it is one that proves to be a winning combination with Twinings’ new flavours and the known quality of their teas. It’s safe to say that Twinings are set to compete with some of the newer kids on the tea block with this new range.

Stand-out teas for me are the chais; I tried the Bollywood chai latte, which takes traditional Indian chai as its basis and is made the same way (a mixture of water and milk). It has quite the kick, provided by star anise and was lovely when I made it on the first really cold night of the year. There’s also a redbush/rooibos caramel chai latte and a limited edition vanilla chai latte… both of which I am desperate to try.

I found the green teas- especially the Moroccan Mint and Rose- excellent post work-out teas. I was a bit skeptical about the mint and rose, as spearmint usually (bizarrely) gives me a headache, but it was very light and delicious.

The tea that most surprised and impressed me was the nutty chocolate assam. Believe me- if I could have this on tap, I would. It was like drinking a guilt-free hazelnut hot chocolate. As it’s also been released as a loose leaf, I’m thinking I could have it at work (teabags) and home (loose leaf) and quell my mid-afternoon chocolate cravings. Massive thumbs up on this one.

The teas are available from Twinings and Waitrose and are priced £3.49 for twelve pyramid bags


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