Someone Else’s Skin- Sarah Hilary*

Someone Else's Skin (Oct)

I enjoy a good crime thriller and this is apparently the first book in a series. A pair of detectives set out to a women’s refuge to try and persuade a young woman to testify against her brother. However, as they arrive, they stumble upon the attempted murder of one of the vulnerable women’s husband. And who exactly is that loitering in a car outside the refuge?

With an interesting plot and fairly predictable twists and turns, it’s your usual crime-by-numbers novel, but it’s no less enjoyable a read for that.

Interestingly, Benn has also been reading this- it’s one of the few genres where we will read the same books- and he doesn’t seem massively impressed. Saying that, he is a fan of the more hard-boiled, American noir type thrillers or his detectives of the Rebus kind, so he was never going to ‘click’ with this at first. He’s still reading it, though, which says a lot…

*Sent for review


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