It’s always nice to go away, but always good to come home

Half term in October is usually a manic one (and, on a random note, yesterday was my blog’s third birthday!) and this break is no different. We’ve just got back from a visit to Leeds and while it’s nice to be at my parents’ house, it’s lovely to be home too.

Tomorrow, it’s D’s second birthday. I’m pretty sure he was a colicky baby last week, but it appears that he’s growing in that clichéd, blink-and-you-miss-it way. Over the last two years, we’ve really grown together; he’s a very funny and articulate little boy (apparently, when in a newsagent with my mum the other day, he inquired of the proprietor ‘Have you got a comic for me, please?’ Luckily, she thought it was funny and not obnoxious. He came away with a free Milkybar and bouncy ball…) I’m feeling healthier- mentally and physically- than I’ve been since before he was born. We’re a good team.

Happy birthday, dude.

Happy birthday, dude.

I’ve been planning a birthday party for D, which would have been much smoother had I remembered to bring home all the stuff I’d bought in Leeds. My mum is now the proud keeper of nine dinosaur colouring books. Brilliant.

Perhaps the most exciting fact is that next time my parents come to visit us, they will be bringing a new addition to the Pomfrett household- a Netherland Dwarf rabbit named Toby Rabbit.



Toby Rabbit- formerly named Gizmo- used to belong to my brother. However, since my brother became a dad, the poor bunny has led a lonely existence. My parents’ efforts to integrate him with their rabbits have been unsuccessful and he’s been a sole bunny agent since his brother died a while back. D has named him. This was achieved by essentially going through all the characters in Thomas and Friends and finding a name he said ‘yes’ to. For a while, it looked like he might be Skarloey Rabbit, but it didn’t quite have a ring to it. Anyway, Toby’s going to live in my study and be an indoor chap, especially in the coming months. As a result, I am now obsessing over pet websites looking for the perfect cage and other sundries.

We didn’t have room in the car to bring Toby home, so he will be coming in about six weeks, which is excellent as I can get everything set up.

If I can survive the onslaught of toddlers on Thursday afternoon, that is.


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