An autumnal life update

Ahhh, autumn. It’s my very favourite season. There’s a lot going on at the moment…


I took this photo a year ago- I still love the pretty colours…

Work is busy- it’s not unusual at the moment to be spending most of Sunday marking. In fact, I had to pre-warn my Year 11 students that I couldn’t guarantee that D hadn’t sneaked some Thomas and Friends stickers into their books (he loves stickers, like me and saw me sticking comment stickers in books.) Luckily, there were no hidden Percy stickers, although there were a few disappointed GCSE students.

Speaking of D:

Bakers gonna bake bake bake

Bakers gonna bake bake bake

This chap turns TWO next Thursday. I cannot, for the life of me, believe how quickly this has come round. We’re spending a lot of time baking at the moment (the new kitchen is a really good place for baking) and the above photo was taken as we were making brownies for Benn’s grandad’s birthday. I’m thinking I need to buy him an apron- Thomas, naturally!

Also, remember how I used to run a blog of vintage photos? Well, I bought my first photo in ages. It’s labelled ‘Four Sisters, Christmas 1929’. I am debating whether or not to breathe new life into Ladies in Monochrome, but I don’t have a printer or scanner at the moment, so it’ll be on hold for a while…



At the weekend, we’re off up north to meet my new nephew and so my family can see D before his birthday. Half term starts on Friday and there’ll be no rest for the wicked. However, I do intend to take advantage of the nights drawing in, if only to get more wear out of my slippers!



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