Bluebird Tea Co. Mocha Chai*

Bluebird were kind enough to send me their new autumn teas to try (heads up: Parma Violet is GORGEOUS). One of the teas is a Mocha Chai. As I’m allergic to coffee, I thought I would send it on to my friend Nadine in Germany, as she loves both tea AND coffee. We regularly swap tea (the local post office doesn’t bother to ask what I’m sending any more) and I thought she’d be the perfect guinea pig/reviewer for this. Read on to find out what she thought…


It is a kind of blustery autumn evening in Germany and that means ideal tea weather. When Steph asked me if I’d like to review a tea for her blog I was intrigued. Mocha Chai…. Tea and coffee in one drink. Normally that ends up as a culinary nightmare, like when you mixed up the coffee and tea thermos again or the horrible attempts to use tea pads/pods in coffee makers. But in chai, yes, maybe.

The tea is really pretty with several coffee beans scattered throughout. The spicy aroma dominates though, there is no actual coffee scent. It is a strong scent of overall spices and maybe a hint of mocha.
I followed the instructions and brewed for four minutes, sweetened it with some brown sugar and added milk. While brewing the spices and tea were the strongest aromas, the coffee was there but in the background and in a good way.


It is lovely! It is chai, it is a bit of coffee and it works wonderfully well together. The balance is right, I had maybe one coffee bean per cup and since we’re talking whole beans it is definitely NOT coffee. And definitely something to enjoy on cold blustery evenings. Paired with some gingerbread it is a treat.


*Sent for review


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