Ravenscourt Apothecary’s Oats and Rosehips facial scrub soap

It’s no secret that some days I put a LOT of crap on my face- skincare, makeup etc. Sometimes, though, I just want something simple and gentle to make my skin feel good. On days when I’ve been barefaced, I like to use Ravenscourt’s Apothecary‘s Oats and Rosehips facial scrub soap. It’s a simple soap that does exactly what it says on the tin!

What I love about the soap is that it feels SO gentle on my skin. The ingredients are vegan and incredibly simple. The oats are small and my skin is soft and smooth after using it. Also, the stationery geek inside me REALLY loved the wax seal on the wrapper. Such a small thing made the whole product feel more luxurious.



Like me, Tanya (the founder of Ravenscourt Apothecary) is a tea and literature fan- so when I stumbled upon her Etsy shop I was instantly hooked and made my way to her actual webshop for a good old browse. I settled on this soap as a try out and I’m massively pleased with it; my skin doesn’t feel tight or dry and just what it needs on a ‘down day’. I’m really looking forward to trying more from Tanya’s range.

£4 for a huge 130g bar. You can buy it here.


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