Zombies, Run! 5K Week 6

Image: New Scientist

Image: New Scientist

This is slightly behind where I wanted to be in my blog updates, as I was a bit behind; I had to stop during my first attempt at workout 1 of the week due to cramp and then work stuff meant I didn’t get out when I wanted. However, despite week 6 ALMOST KILLING ME (not really, but it was hard!), I survived and have started week 7.

So what can I tell you about week 6? Well, it was brutal. Lots of longer running and squats. In public. I am not an unkind person and decided to walk these sections and do the squats at home. I doubt the good people of Brighton would have wanted my bum in their front windows. I also made sure I did more hill walking to counteract the fact I wasn’t squatting.

Two things happened this week too- my average distance went to 6k and I also had the best run of my running career so far. I can’t explain what made it so, but I felt brilliant afterwards and like I’d really achieved something. My plan is that next Saturday, which will coincide with the end of the 5k training, I will bite the bullet and do Hove park run. Benn has been doing it for years and has nagged me to give it a go for a while. He’s even bought me a running jacket, which is possibly the most romantic thing he’s done for me this year.

Week 6

Distance: 20.25km

Time: 3:00:50


5 thoughts on “Zombies, Run! 5K Week 6

  1. Rob. says:

    …so, you should have finished week 7 by now then? I found your blog here whilst doing a search for something else, but coincidently I’m only slightly behind where you are in the 5K training (did week 7-1 today) – I thought it looked easier than last week on the plan, but…

  2. Rob. says:

    …not too bad thanks, did 8-1 this morning (with that 20mins section), was OK. Sorry to hear about your legs, hope they have recovered now? My plan is 8-2 (on 16th Oct) and then the finale 8-3 (18th Oct) – followed by a Kebab 🙂

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