Super easy customisable egg fried rice recipe

I’ve been promising to write up this recipe for ages- it’s a Saturday night staple for us, especially in the autumn and winter (it’s a handy ‘lap dinner’ that we eat when watching Strictly.) I can’t remember where I got the original recipe from, but it’s definitely evolved over the years. It’s pretty healthy and low fat and best of all, it’s very easy and customisable- I wish I’d known how to make this dish when I was a student! Now, I don’t want to get your hopes up, but I’m not the new Nigella.

So, the ingredients- this makes enough for two. If Benn didn’t have a ‘growing lad’s’ appetite, there’d probably be leftovers:


As well as what you can see here, I add a couple of cloves of garlic and a touch of ginger (which, brilliantly, Benn forgot to buy.) The ingredients above: prawns  a bunch of spring onions, two small-ish tomatoes, a small tin of garden peas, two medium eggs, a red pepper, a cup of basmati rice, sweet chilli dipping sauce and light soy sauce.

I boil the rice in boiling water straight from the kettle with a drop of groundnut oil before I do anything else. The rice needs to be fluffy and I like it slightly sticky, too. While the rice is cooking, I chop all the veggies (top tip: I chop up the spring onions with a pair of scissors) and beat the eggs in the cup which held the rice (saves on washing up!)

Once the rice has cooked, I drain it and let it cool. I fry the garlic and scramble the eggs in the wok/pan. Then I add the prawns. Then, once those are cooked, I add the veggies and a mix of the chilli sauce and the soy sauce, until I like the taste. I told you this wasn’t complex!

Finally, I add the rice and stir it up. Et voilà! Stupidly simple egg fried rice:

eggfriedrice.jpgAs I said, this is a really versatile and healthy dish. It’s easy to use whatever you want in terms of meat and veggies (although Gok SWEARS that the holy trinity of Chinese cooking is garlic, ginger and spring onions, so I reckon you would probably need those at the very least…)

Anyway, enjoy!


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